2016 Voting for U.S. President . . . and Other Politicians!

America's future: your vote
Go Vote Mural by Sarahmirk (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons


If you are a U.S. citizen, you have the opportunity to vote in the U.S. presidential election on or before November 8. Go for it!

However, there are also quite a few other positions to vote for on that ballot. You know that the president is chosen based on your vote, but what about all the other politicians?

A few definitions to help out:

  • Down-ballot Voting
    Voting down-ballot or down-ticket means that you will vote on the other political positions becoming available.
  • Straight-ballot Voting
    Voting straight-ballot or straight-ticket means that you are voting for the same political party for every available position on the ballot.

    There are issues with down-ballot voting, such as the following possibilities:

    • positions do not always provide a candidate from your chosen political party
    • there are more options for you when you vote across party lines
    • some politicians have positions that cross party lines


Ballotpedia Sample Ballot for San Antonio,, Texas

2016 Ballot for Voters Living Near NVC College in San Antonio, Texas via BallotPedia.com

If you live near Northwest Vista College in San Antonio, Texas, you will be voting for people at your local city district, county, state, and federal levels.
This means your ballot is going to be very different than someone who lives in Juneau, Alaska!

Find A Ballot Preview
Go to BallotPedia.com, and type in your address to find out who is going to be on your local ballot.

Read the Descriptions
Learn about who you might want to vote for based on their work record, voting history, and political views. You are now well on your way to being an informed voter.


October and November 2016 calendar

2016 Calendar by Nevit Dilmen (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
Early Voting
Some states allow registered voters a chance to vote before election day on November 8, 2016. You may be able to vote up to 46 days in advance!

Check to see what is allowed for your area by checking Vote.org for state-by-state details.

Absentee Ballot
If you are not able to vote in-person during this election, you may be eligible to receive a ballot by mail. Again, check out Vote.org for the state-by-state details and see if you still have time to be mailed a ballot.

Election Day
The 2016 presidential election will be held on November 8th. Make sure you vote on or before that day to help make a difference.

Now you are ready to be part of the political process. Be careful, and good luck!


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